Tungsten NANO coating - engine oil additive for PETROL ENGINES

"I've driven 1000km and I'm sure you know that. Consumption of about 0.8l and engine noise has decreased. Overall, I would say that the engine also pulls better" - Libor F. (NANOTECH customer)

✔ Lower fuel consumption - up to 15%

✔ Lower harmful emissions - usually 8% or more

✔ Eliminates cold starts - unrivaled lubricity of IF-WS2 nanoparticles

✔ Longer engine life - unrivaled lubricity

✔ Higher power and torque

✔ Quieter and quieter engine operation


logo-buggyra ➔ NANOTECH products are used by the BUGGYRA Racing team in their racing and accompanying cars.


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Tungsten NANO coating - engine oil additive for PETROL ENGINES
Higher performance
Higher performance
Thanks to the reduction of passive resistances.
Lower harmful emissions
Lower harmful emissions.
Reduction of harmful emissions by up to 8%
Consumption reduction
Consumption reduction
Reduction of consumption most often by 5-15%

Increasing performance and reducing operating costs.

Tests from VUT Brno confirm excellent efficiency - an almost 9-fold wear reduction. Thanks to this, IF-WS2 additives will significantly extend service lifetime without service costs. You will also reduce the cost of fuel or oil consumption and increase the performance of your car.

  • Up to 15% lower consumption 
  • Higher performance
  • Up to 8% lower harmful emissions
Higher performance

Thanks to the reduction of passive resistances, the efficiency (increase in power) of the motor increases. There is an increase in power in the engines, thanks to the autoreparation (surface smoothing) properties of IF-WS2 particles. For cars with a high mileage, customers say that after the application of the IF-WS2 additive, the engine underwent a "restart" and the car runs like new.

Harmful emissions

Reduced friction also reduces engine effort and harmful emissions. In older cars, or cars with a high mileage, there will be a significant surface treatment, which will reduce fuel and oil consumption and reduce the amount of harmful emissions

How do nano-ingredients in an engine work?

The basic components of IF-WS2 additives are fullerenes (round nanoparticles). In critical situations, they behave like ball bearings. Normally, moving parts would jam or be irreparably damaged, but IF-WS2 will not damage them. At high pressure and shear, one layer peels off, creating a very durable and slippery film on the surface.


Before use, we recommend that you store the product in a warm place or heat it in warm water, shake and pour into a warm engine. After the application, you can drive immediately, or start the engine for at least a few minutes. IF-WS2 additives are always applied after the oil change. When the old oil is drained, the particles are also washed away. The additives can be applied to both new and older oils, as the particles always work. You can use the ingredients in old (vintage) as well as new, modern and sports cars. The additives are suitable for engines with a diesel particulate filter (DPF.)


For hybrid drives, the Plug-in significantly eliminates the "shock" commissioning of the cold combustion engine.


Most damage to the turbocharger is caused by not going through the "aftercooling" process. For example, after driving faster, at heavier loads, or when driving at high temperatures. What is the “aftercooling” process? Simply put, after driving, leave the engine idle for about 1 minute. Otherwise, the sealing rings are sealed, which seals the oil circuit from the exhaust gases. Furthermore, turning the turbo to high speed, calmly 250,000 to 300,000 rpm and subsequent disengagement. The idle engine speed drops immediately and the oil pressure drops to 1 to 1.5 bar. In this case, the turbo is insufficiently lubricated with regular oil. The worst case is turning the turbo to high speed and turning off the engine. The oil pressure goes to 0 bar and the turbine compressor wheel itself with the shaft in the turbo will rotate for a long time - for ceramic bearings even 120 seconds. And all the time without lubrication, only in the residual oil. By using NANOTECH-EUROPE additives, you will significantly eliminate these lubrication deficiencies and extend the life of the turbocharger.


The basic component of our additives are IF-WS2 Fullerenes (round nanoparticles of tungsten disulfide). Fullerenes (Wikipedia source) are molecules usually made up of carbon atoms arranged in a layer of pentagons and hexagons with atoms in the vertices, which are spatially coiled into a closed shape (most often into the shape of a sphere (like a football) or ellipsoid). Due to this structure, they are extremely resistant to external physical influences.

Tatra around the world 2

Our additives also show high efficiency in racing engines and engineering applications. They are working in an excellent way in the Tatra vehicle, currently involved in the largest Tatra 2: Expedition Around the World.


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