Can your product be mixed with other additives?

We do not recommend mixing different products.

Does you product have to be used after each oil change?

If you want to take advantage of our products, you should use them after each oil change. With the release of old oil, the particles, which are a functional component of our products, are also washed away. A tungsten nano coating is formed on sliding surfaces, which wears out. If you do not use our product after changing the oil, the engine will behave as before the first application after a few thousand km.

Can your product be used for motorcycles with a wet clutch?

Yes, you can safely use the NANOTECH MC for motorcycles with a wet clutch.

Can your product be used in old engines and vintage car?

Yes, our products are suitable for both old and new engines.

What effect does your product have on the engine?

The basic benefits are: significant reduction of wear, significant reduction of friction, and autoreparation properties. Reduced wear means less service and, most importantly, longer engine life/start-up. Reduced friction means higher engine efficiency, less waste heat, reduced fuel consumption, and longer battery life. Self-repair involves smoothing of surfaces; motors that have lost power due to mechanical wear regain both power and compression.