1. Lubricating stands:

  • Lubricants protect sliding surfaces on a molecular level
  • Significantly extended equipment life
  • Sliding surfaces protect against the occurrence of micro-erosion, pitting, vibrational corrosion...
  • It reduces the friction and noise of the machine

2. Additives for process fluids (emulsions, cutting and forming oils)

  • Longer service life of cutting and forming tools, usually up to 150% 
  • Lower power consumption - chip machining 15-20%, cold forming 20-30%
  • Better processing (lower Ra) and lower noise during machining
  • Lower consumption of conventional emulsions by 30-50%
  • Non-toxic and harmless to health (do not cause skin diseases), environmentally friendly
Higher performance
Higher performance
Thanks to the reduction of passive resistances.
Lower harmful emissions
Lower harmful emissions.
Reduction of harmful emissions by up to 8%
Consumption reduction
Consumption reduction
Reduction of consumption most often by 5-15%