Additive for motorcycle engine oil - Tungsten NANO Coating

"The engine runs better, smoother, and revs more willingly... superb lubricant." - Jiří B. (NANOTECH customer)

Suitable for gearboxes with a "wet clutch."

✔ Increased performance and torque

✔ Extended engine lifespan - unmatched lubrication

✔ High protection for overheated engines

✔ Reduced fuel consumption

✔ Lower servicing costs

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Additive for motorcycle engine oil - Tungsten NANO Coating
Higher performance
Higher performance
Thanks to the reduction of passive resistances.
Lower harmful emissions
Lower harmful emissions.
Reduction of harmful emissions by up to 8%
Consumption reduction
Consumption reduction
Reduction of consumption most often by 5-15%

Lower fuel consumption

Higher performance

Lower harmful emissions


Higher Performance

Reducing passive resistances leads to increased engine efficiency and performance. For motorcycles with high mileage, this also enhances performance due to the self-repairing properties (smoothing surfaces) of IF-WS2 particles.

Extended Engine Lifespan

Tests conducted at Brno University of Technology confirm outstanding effectiveness – nearly 9x reduction in wear. Consequently, wherever you use IF-WS2 additives (in the engine and gearbox), you significantly prolong the lifespan of the engine/gearbox without incurring service costs. Overall, operational expenses are significantly reduced.

High Protection for Overheated Engines

IF-WS2 particles exhibit high thermal stability in the range of -273°C to +500°C. The additives repeatedly demonstrate their high efficiency in racing engines.

Fuel Consumption Reduction

Nano-particles of IF-WS2 are among the most lubricious materials known. As a result, the additives reduce the friction coefficient (lower passive resistance), leading to decreased fuel consumption. In older engines, surface smoothing occurs (sealing rough areas), resulting in fuel and oil savings, especially in engines with increased consumption.


The Buggyra racing team uses our nano lubricants and additives in all their racing and support vehicles. The additive was also used in the BUGGYRA SPEED 2020-500M racing special, with which Aliyyah Koloc set two world records with a maximum speed of 284.13 km/h.

How Do Nano Additives Work in the Engine?

The basic component of IF-WS2 additives is fullerenes (round nano-particles). In critical situations, they act as ball bearings. Normally, moving parts would seize or become irreparably damaged, but thanks to IF-WS2, no damage occurs. Under high pressure and shear stress, one layer peels off, creating a highly durable and slippery film on the surface.


The basic components of our additives are Fullerenes IF-WS2 (round nano-particles of tungsten disulfide). Fullerenes are molecules composed of carbon atoms arranged in layers of five and six-membered hexagons with atoms at the vertices, which are spatially folded into a closed shape (most commonly a sphere or ellipsoid). Due to this structure, they are exceptionally resistant to external physical influences.


Store in a warm place before use, or heat in warm water, shake, and pour into a warm (not mandatory) engine. After application, you can immediately ride or start the engine for at least a few minutes. IF-WS2 additives are always applied after an oil change. When the old oil is drained, particles are also flushed out. Additives can be used in both new and older oil. The particles always function. Additives can be used in old (historical) as well as new, modern, and sport motorcycles.

Packaging: Additives for 1L and 2L engine oil are packed in syringes for easier application. Larger quantities are packed in cans.